Fallout: New Vegas (360): COMPLETED! AGAIN! AND AGAIN!

Fallout: New Vegas (360): COMPLETED! AGAIN! AND AGAIN!

That’s right folks – since last time I posted I’ve completed the game again. Twice. Naturally, I didn’t start again from scratch, just from a point a few hours prior to my last completion (the joys of multiple save files!). I then went off and completed it both for the Legion as well as for Mr. House.

Then, after that, I spent a merry half an hour from an even earlier save sneaking round Gomorrah with my stealth boy, pickpocketing punters and strippers (taking money from the former to slip into the pants of the latter – strangely, both gave negative karma) for the Pickpocket 50 People achievement.

Finally, I returned to my “main” save, just before starting the NCR point-of-no-return quest, to wander the Mojave Wasteland some more and explore. I took Arcade with me, because he’s hilarious, but I think I lost him somewhere near Novac. Pressed on anyway, and found a load of new locations in the bottom right of the map, including a radscorpion-infested airfield and a billion Lakelurks. Hurrah for This Machine and its One Shot Kill(TM).

Best. Game. Evar.

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