Sonic Adventure (360): COMPLETED!

Sonic Adventure (360): COMPLETED!

You know what? I actually really rather enjoyed that.

I mean, it’s short, and the camera is a work of wonk, and the bit with the stone water snake in the ruins near the end was just stupid (mainly because of the camera) and the end boss was a pain because Sonic would glitch through him rather than homing attack him (so I’d die) but it didn’t really seem to matter. I had fun, and for all of its faults and stuff, its still eleventybillion times better than pretty much any other Sonic game of recent years. And I’ve just realised – Sonic Adventure is TWELVE years old. Good grief.

Did I go back and play as the other characters? No. Because they’re all dead to me.

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  1. So it’s technically not completed then. 😛 That said, the other characters’ stories are laughable and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. I also completed Sonic’s story on the XBLA re-release recently and, like you, performed numerous “homing attacks” straight through the Egg Viper boss before remembering that a long jump works much better.

    But yeah, it’s still one of the better 3D Sonics out there (admittedly not a massive accomplishment) and the sequel would have been okay too if not for the fact that it was responsible for Shadow The Hedgehog…

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