Detana!! TwinBee (360): COMPLETED!

Detana!! TwinBee (360): COMPLETED!

Yeah, so I bought a Game Room game. I said I wouldn’t because it would mean that, due to the games costing 240 points each, I’d end up with a number of Microsoft Points that wasn’t a multiple of 100. Which, due to OCD, makes me uncomfortable. But I did need Detana!! TwinBee. So I had to buy 5 games at 240 points each to “fix” the points. Aha, yes, I’m mentally ill.

First off, I played in Ranked Mode, which is excellent. Your friends and leaderboard neighbours appear on the screen with their scores as you play, and you rank up in real-time – like you do with Pinball FX2 and Geometry Wars 2. And it adds a fantastic dimension to the game that you just don’t get with high-score tables. I’m now ranked 1770th in the world, which is pretty good. Or would be if more than 2000 people actually played it.

Then I played Classic Mode, and completed it using about 20 credits. About 12 of those were on the last level. It was hard. But then I completed it again, this time using only 5 credits (3 on the final level), so clearly I’d improved.

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