Red Dead Redemption (360)

Red Dead Redemption (360)

I wasn’t going to go for the 100% Completed achievement on this, and although that statement still stands, I found myself playing the game a lot more over the last few days to get closer.

I ticked off a pile of achievements, such as Expert Headshot, clearing out all the hideouts, and bagging 18 bears. I finished all the Stranger missions, earned myself $10,000, bought some rare weapons, visited every place on the map, and maxed out my Fame meter. I also notched the Ambient Challenges up a bit, but I can’t see myself finishing them – the Survival one in particular isn’t really fun, and I think I’ve killed enough bears now for the Hunting one. Also, killing cougars with just a knife? Er, no.

So I’m done with it now, at around 40 hours, I think. Very enjoyable it was, and (as expected) my control niggles were just that by the end – niggles. Undead Nightmare next? Yeah, I think so.

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