Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (360)

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (360)

I bought this DLC pack over Christmas when it was on offer. Some time before actually buying the main game, in fact – so interested in playing it I was.

And now I’ve played it for a couple of hours or so. Sadly, I’m not really enjoying it all that much. I don’t know why – the story is funny and it’s still RDR – but it’s just not all there. Maybe it’s the headshot-to-kill issue (if you don’t shoot them in the head, then, as we all know, zombies just rise again), or the frequently rubbish controls making zombie swarm control impossible. The gunplay controls were poor in the main game, but gunplay is more in-your-face now, with no hiding behind rocks and crates like before.

Instead, I’m relying more on the run-away-from-the-pack then pick-off-the-stragglers with a torch-in-the-eye takedown method. It works well, but is slow and frustrating.

I’m also not liking my current mission, which is picking daisies (or sage or summat). Fine in the main game, but here? The millisecond you’re off your horse, the Horde decends and eats your brainz. Not frustrating at all.

Maybe I’ll like it more further in. Or not. We’ll see!

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