Crazy Taxi (360)

Crazy Taxi (360)

This was on offer a little while back on XBLA, for 400 points. I decided, even though it’s a poor port and doesn’t have any Offspring music (TEEEEEN TWEEENNNTY TEEEEN!!!) I’d take a punt anyway for that price.

And it’s actually pretty good. Sure, it’s rough looking, and yeah, I miss the music. Worst of all, I keep getting stuck inside things – trees, signs, walls… but it is still fun. So far I’ve C-Ranked Arcade Mode, A-Ranked Original Mode, and completed 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3 of Crazy Box. 1-S is, of course, impossible.

It’s also a pain that there are achievements for getting Rank S, A, B and C, but getting a higher rank doesn’t unlock the lower ones too. This means, in order to get the B and C rank achievements for Original Mode, I have to purposefully play badly, which is utterly stupid.

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