Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (3DS)

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (3DS)

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I’ve not mentioned this game yet in my diary, but in fact it is my most played 3DS game so far. Which, if anyone can remember how I took to Ghost Recon on the Xbox might surprise you.

Thing is, it’s nothing like that. Or any other Ghost Recon game. It is, in fact, a Ghost Recon painted XCom/Laser Squad/Rebelstar followup – a turn-based strategy game not unlike Advance Wars, or, perhaps more closely, Fire Emblem. With guns. And grenades.

And, like previous great games in the genre, I’ve become a bit hooked. I think it’s the turn-based thing, taunting you with just one more turn. And another. And another. Until I’ve finished a level.

Certainly the best 3DS launch game.

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