Super Street Fighter IV (3DS): COMPLETED!

Super Street Fighter IV (3DS): COMPLETED!

“So how do you complete this then, eh?”, I hear you ask. I bet you’re thinking I got to the credits with one character and that was it. Well, no – I did it with all 35 characters. All of them.

15 hours later… done!

I also played online a bit over the last week or so, with various people. I’m not very good, so generally lost more fights than I won. Sadly, it wasn’t better skill that beat me – if that were the case I wouldn’t mind. If they blocked my attacks, countered them, punished my mistakes – that’d be fine. But no: they just use Cammy and spam drill/spike/drill/spike/drill/spike until I’m dead. Bah.

Thankfully, there were a few decent fighters who didn’t rely on cheap tactics like this, and those matches were fun.

I’ve also collected almost 400 of the 500 figures in the collection. The instructions say there are 300 though, not 500, so I’m slightly confused. Not sure I’ll get all 500, but you never know.

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