Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (360)

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (360)

It’s more Lego!

First, the bad stuff. It has crashed on me already – my console froze just 10 minutes in. However, it did the same on Lego Harry Potter last week, so it might be my 360. Then, on the first boss fight, it bugged out meaning Barbosa just stood there, indestructible, and I couldn’t progress. Finally, it seems so small!

You see, Harry Potter was huge. The levels were big, but more than that – 4 books with 6 levels in each, lessons, story events, and one small (Diagon Alley) and one immense (Hogwarts) hub. I mean, there were 200 Gold Bricks in total to collect!

In Pirates, that number is down to 85. The levels seem the same size or smaller, there’s only 5 per film, and the hub is tiny – just three small areas and a couple of rooms off those. Of course, I may unlock more later on (I’ve only done the first film and two levels of the second), but still – it feels small.

The good stuff: it’s shiny. OH SO SHINY. And, being Lego, it’s OCD-terrific. So lovely. It’s also easier to “get”, for me at least, than Harry Potter because I know the films. Well, some of them. It also helps that 95% of the characters don’t look so goddamn the same. Jack’s treasure hunting stuff is pretty good too, and new to the series.

Overall, the game feels like Lego Indiana Jones 3. Yes, I know it’s pierats and not spelunking, but the types of character, weapon, and environment you get are more like Indy than Harry. Not a bad thing, of course, just an observation.

Oh! And minikits are back! \o/


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