Avenging Spirit (3DS): COMPLETED!

Avenging Spirit (3DS): COMPLETED!

Bought this a few weeks ago, even though I’d never heard of it. It got a couple of reasonable reviews, and I liked the premise (you’re a ghost who can possess enemies, using them and their powers to progress). I suppose it’s like a cross between Kirby and Messiah or something. On the Game Boy.

It was pretty short (as many GB hames seem to be), and pretty difficult too, but I really quite enjoyed it.

It looks like I got the “bad” ending, where I didn’t explicitly save “the girl” (which is all she’s known as), but anyway. Will I play it again? Probably not. It was a struggle to finish as it was, without hunting down the three hidden keys in the game. I did get one, but the others? No idea where they are. There’s know way of even telling which level they’re on!

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