Fallout: New Vegas: Lonesome Road (360)

Fallout: New Vegas: Lonesome Road (360)

It would appear my time in the Mojave Wasteland is coming to an end. Lonesome Road is the final story-based DLC for New Vegas, and the two other DLC packs (Courier’s Stash and Gun Runner’s Arsenal) don’t add a great deal. I’m also now a Level 48 character, with all bar Unarmed and Melee stats at max, and SPECIAL pretty much all 8/9/10, I’m almost done.

Having said that, I’ve still the Gun Runner’s achievements to do, and I’ve got to do a Hardcore Mode runthrough for a further achievement (I’ll be following gospvg’s guide for that one, I suspect), so maybe I’ve a while yet.

Anyhoo. Back to Lonesome Road.

The story follows your trip into the Divide, a massive crack in the world created by nuclear explosions. Explosions it would appear I had something to do with. The original Courier Six – the guy who refused to deliver the Platinum Chip that forms the plot point of the main game story – knows about my past, and I’m there to find him.

I’m almost there, too, having just reached his temple. Why he has a temple, I don’t yet know.

The route was pretty hard, considering my high level. Mainly due to an abundance of Deathclaws, and loads of a new foe – Tunnellers, which the other courier says can take down a Deathclaw. And they hunt in packs. And literally come out of the walls. Nice.

I think I’m going to need to do a fair bit of back-tracking though soon – I’ve missed loads of warheads I can explode, and there’s an achievement for them all!

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