DLC Quest (360): COMPLETED!

DLC Quest (360): COMPLETED!

I don’t buy many XBLIGs (that’s Xbox Live Indie Games, in case you didnae know). However, this one called out to me. The main selling point? A review that stated that the entire game was DLC. “You can’t even move left, or jump, or have sound effects, until you’ve bought the DLC”.

Of course, the DLC is bought using in-game money, which you collect – platform game style – to progress. There’s some swording and (with the right DLC) some shooting, but the aim is basically to collect coins, buy expansion packs to let you progress to other areas of the map in a Metroid type way, in order to collect more coins. And so on.

It’s short, it’s easy (I don’t think you can die), and it’s very funny. The DLC in-jokes (it has horse armour) and general gaming trope mickey-taking (“Awardments”! Zombies!) are great.

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