Freakyforms (3DS)

Freakyforms (3DS)

I’m not sure if this counts as a proper game. I mean, there’s game there – you have to deliver things, carry characters, explore, collect stuff, and so on – but the main thing you do is create Formees. They’re the characters you use in the game bit. It’s a bit addictive.

Here, complete with QR codes to import into the game (if you have it) are some of my Formees. Aren’t they awesome?

In terms of how far I’ve progressed in the game, well… I don’t know. I’ve made the world grow a few times, by creating 15 Formees. I’ve drawn new scenery, bought some new forms from the shop, and collected gwelventybillion coins. And poo’d a lot. That seems to be a common thing in the game. Hmm.

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