Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS)

Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS)

Went through another couple of levels, embarrassingly only on intensity 2.4. They were quite easy though, with my new Pudgy Palm of Awezom Power. Its range is a bit feeble though, so I had to change my attack style to suit. It seems there’s a whole second set of achievements for the game too, having unlocked a new page of them today. Only have about 15% of them overall!

After that I went and played the first level again – this time on intensity 6.5. So many baddies! Still reasonably easy though, and I suspect it’ll be even easier next time as I’ve picked up another Pudgy Palm that’s even better!

Finally, I played a few games online. It was surprisingly good, and I even won my first match. It’s certainly unusual for me to play something competitive online and not be completely outclassed by everyone, instantly. Maybe I was lucky and just got noobs in the room. Didn’t win the second match, sadly, but it was very close.

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