Lego Star Wars III (360)

Lego Star Wars III (360)

So it turns out that I didn’t return to Skyrim immediately, instead installing this. I have no knowledge of the Clone Wars cartoon, and all I know about the Star Wars 1 to 3 films came from Lego Star Wars II, so I’m going in blind.

Not that you need to know anything about the setting in order to play Lego games. You just mash X.

I’ve finished the first 5 levels. I don’t know how many levels there are, as it isn’t immediately obvious. Most have been pretty similar so far – almost Tower Defence like, in fact. Very different to anything in other Lego games, anyway. I liked the level where you get out of your space ship and then build a giant torpedo thingy. Nice.

Lego Game OCD has set in too. Joy.

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