Skyrim (360)

Skyrim (360)

SkyrimI’m mainly doing stuff for the Dark Brotherhood at the moment. I was going to finish the Thieves Guild questline, but then realised that an item I had from that – a skeleton key – was far too awesome. It’s an unbreakable lockpick! I ain’t giving that back (which is what the final task for that particular questline seems to imply I need to do) just yet!

As well as murdering seemingly random people for apparently no (or rubbish) reason, I’ve also been playing Super Inventory Manager, which is my favourite OCD gaming experience. It involves sorting all my different types of items into different cupboards in my house, making sure each and every weapon and piece of armour is as improved as possible (and then enchanted), and trying to minimise the amount I’m carrying to just the thirteen essential weapons, two full armour sets, and 97 necessary potions I’ll never use.

Then I killed some dragons, and started soul capturing deer. As you do.

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