Super Pokémon Rumble (3DS): COMPLETED!

Super Pokémon Rumble (3DS): COMPLETED!

Blimey. This turned out to be a pretty tedious slog by the end. I didn’t really expect much depth from it, to be fair, but after 14 hours of pretty much just pressing A and sometimes B to slap other Pokémon about with no levelling system (you just swap to more powerful Pokémon), mostly useless money to collect (don’t think I ever spent any), and no real difficulty, the appeal did start to wane a bit.

Playing in relatively short bursts is the way to do it, but as I was so close to the end (I thought – turns out I wasn’t), I made a push for it and it probably outstayed its welcome.

Still, not a bad game, but just didn’t have the variety to the end.

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