Gunman Clive (3DS): COMPLETED!

Gunman Clive (3DS): COMPLETED!

What a stylish platformer-with-shooty-bits!

It’s like it’s made from sketches on aged paper, bound up like a flick book. But it plays somewhere between Mega Man and Sunset Riders, sort of. You’re a cowboy with a gun, and there’s platforming afoot! And it’s very hard.

At least, I found it very hard. Looking back now, I realised that for the most part, once you’d learned the rooms and where baddies appear from, it’s perhaps not really that difficult. Except for two of the bosses. Oh my yes. They were hard.

When it’s over (and it is pretty short), you unlock Duck Mode, where you play again as a weaponless duck. It’s impossible, as I found when I tried it.

Well worth the £2 it costs. On the 3DS anyway – the iOS version must surely be a nightmare with touch screen controls!

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