Lego City Undercover (Wii U)

Lego City Undercover (Wii U)

I think I’m getting close to the end of the story now. Sure, I’m still “only” 23-ish hours in and 34-ish percent done, but the story missions are coming to a climax. Not least that I think there are 15 of them and I’ve done 13 or 14.

The game is still amazing fun, and still keeps giving new stuff even this late in the plot. Only a couple of game hours ago I got the final “character” ability (the construction worker), but today I got a jetpack – which has opened up a load more areas I can reach. And still I can’t pull open those things with the glowing orange handle so I know there’s more to come.

The construction worker level was fantastic, and the foreman on the building site was hilarious. He’s clearly Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he sounds just like him. Oh yes, and he keeps coming out with Arnie catchphrases and shoe-horns Arnie film titles into every conversation. It’s very silly.

After that I had to steal a huge telescope, and infiltrate a secret base, where it went a bit Goldeneye and I got a UFO. Yes, a UFO.

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