Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

It is The End Times. Again.

Remember Animal Crossing on the Gamecube? I played it daily for months. Remember Animal Crossing on the DS? I played it daily for over a year. Remember Animal Crossing on the Wii? I played it daily for three months until my Wii died and I lost my saved game.

I now have the 3DS version.

In the first week of owning it, I’d played it for 34 hours. It became my most played 3DS game in 5 days – despite having owned a 3DS for more than two years. Not bad considering “it’s not a game”, “it’s boring” and “there’s nothing to do in it”.

All these things there isn’t to do that I’ve done include getting my house, expanding it several times, becoming Mayor, getting a new bridge built, planting all the fruits, winning the first Bug Off, getting lots of Nintendo-themed prizes in fortune cookies, having mysterious people from other towns visit my town and leave me messages and presents, planting more fruits, visiting other people’s towns and giving them fruit and leaving them messages, making not much money on the Stalk Market, taking a boat ride with Kapp’n (who is a bit creepy) to an island and playing “island games”, and digging lots of holes. And planting fruit. All the fruit.

Since this new Animal Crossing game lets you share screenshots on t’tinternets, I even braved Tumblr to create this masterpiece of storytelling:

Am I loving the game? Yes. Yes I am. Even Nook’s evil moneygrabbingness. It’s all awesome.

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