The Lego Movie Videogame (Wii U): COMPLETED!

The Lego Movie Videogame (Wii U): COMPLETED!

tumblr_n6eqkywexu1svmpf2o1_1280I do love a good Lego game. I’m actually quite keen on the bad ones too, although there aren’t really any. None I’ve played, anyway, and I don’t count any Lego game that isn’t the now-standard collect everything smash everything OCDfest style Lego game.

However, despite all of them (even the Harry Potter ones) being generally fantastic, most are full of bugs. Very few have failed to not lock up my console at least once, and most have scripting errors where triggered events don’t trigger. This game, however, is the very worst when it comes to bugs. So. Many. Bugs. It’s like that bit in Wreck-It Ralph where all the eggs hatch.

Bugs, not limited to the following:

  • Console lockups (Wii U needs unplugging)
  • Controls simply not working
  • Player 1 suddenly controlling player 2 (and player 2’s controller doing nothing)
  • Wii U gamepad suddenly not showing that player’s screen
  • Scripted sequences not happening
  • Sound disappearing completely from cut scenes
  • Level music “running out”, leaving just sound effects
  • Being able to collect 4 of 3 instruction sheets
  • Being unable to progress past the level end score roundup thing
  • Getting stuck in scenery
  • The 10th gold brick in the bonus level (on top of the desk) not appearing
  • Being unable to grapple on Batman/Wonder Woman grapple points
  • Indestructible Micro Managers (which you have to defeat to progress)
  • Getting trapped in Brickburg hub was Lord Business with his big legs on
  • On screen prompts telling me to press Z or C when using a Controller Pro. Got that a lot. And B, when they mean Y
  • The dancing minigame not accepting any input from either controller
  • Being stuck as Angry Unikitty forever, meaning I can’t progress as she’s too big to enter a door
  • Once the game deciding I wanted to play split screen on the TV half way through a level instead of a screen each like for the whole of the rest of the game

Dance_magic_danceBUGS. And that’s not my only complaint. This game is really short. I think the previous most shortestest Lego game I’ve 100%ed was Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (which also happens to be the previous most buggiestest too), which I think took about 9 hours to finish, and about 30 to 100%. Lego Movie took 8 hours to finish, and 12 hours to reach where I am now at about 82%. The rest is just gold instruction manual and hidden pants mop up – I’ve done all the red bricks and characters already!

Dell_tasticBut none of this really matters because the game is great. The characters and cutscenes (mostly ripped right from the film) are great. It’s all great. But not Everything is Awesome, sadly.

Perhaps the release date was tight as it needed to tie in with the film. Perhaps it’s a bit simplified because it’s aimed a little more at kids than previous titles. Maybe it’s just the Wii U version hampered by all the bugs (although I suspect not). Whatever it is holding it back is a shame, but even the worst Lego game is still a great Lego game.

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