Battlefield 4 (PS4): COMPLETED!

Battlefield 4 (PS4): COMPLETED!

No sooner had I posted about playing Battlefield 4, did I complete it. I literally had just ten minutes of game left, and that didn’t even involve any combat. Of course, the credits were a hundred years long afterwards.


My thoughts on the game are this: It’s aight.

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it. It’s a straightforward, mostly linear shootmans with lots of swearing and some big set pieces. The voice acting is OK, the gunplay is fine, and the controls are perfectly usable (even if I do keep getting L1 and R1 mixed up and drop grenades at my feet). It even looks quite pretty.

Ultimately though, it’s not really my sort of game. I enjoyed it enough to keep playing until the end, but upon doing so I didn’t feel like I’d played anything groundbreaking or important, I’d merely been passing the time until it was over and now I’ll move onto something else.

I understand the multiplayer is fantastic. I wouldn’t know as I’ve no intention of playing it – I dislike most online shootmans more than most offline shootmans. Now the question is, should I start on Battlefield Hardline?

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