StreetPass Chef (3DS): COMPLETED!

StreetPass Chef (3DS): COMPLETED!

The longest of the new batch of StreetPass games, and the one most based on luck, StreetPass Chef becomes the last one for me to complete.

Like most of the other titles in the range, it’s pretty simple. Every colour of StreetPass visitor brings a different ingredient, and you cook meals to order using those ingredients. Initially, you’ve no recipe to work from, so your real-life cooking knowledge (or guesswork) comes into play. The closer to the ideal combination you cook, the more strength your diners are given as they set off to rescue the royal family from the evil monsters.

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That’s right – it’s the StreetPass Quest game, only from the point of view of a local cook. I can continue to play and find the remaining dishes for my recipe list if I want, but I’m not sure I’m that bothered. Maybe another time.

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