Bury Me My Love (Switch): COMPLETED!

Bury Me My Love (Switch): COMPLETED!

Bury Me My Love is an interactive story, told through the medium of phone text messages, about a Syrian refugee called Nour trying to reach somewhere safe in Europe. You’re her husband, Majd, and you have to offer advice and support as she gets turned away from transport, borders and hotels, followed, trapped in refugee camps, left with nowhere to sleep, and potentially killed on the way.

It’s based on real life experiences, and it’s a powerful story. Along the way, Nour was harrased by neo-Nazis in Greece, nearly got blown up by landmines, narrowly avoided being injured by teargas in a camp, and witnessed a number of deaths of her fellow refugees.

There are a number of endings (I don’t know how many, but I expect it’s a fair few) based on your decisions. Mine ended up with her being arrested in Zagreb for trying to turn in some ID papers she’d stolen on the spur of the moment but I’d convinced her to drop off at a police station.

The rabbit came from a child who didn’t make a border crossing…

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