Melbits World (Switch): COMPLETED!

Melbits World (Switch): COMPLETED!

Bought on a whim because it was $1 as a download voucher from Target a while back, I really wasn’t sure what sort of game this was. From videos, it seemed to be much like Captain Toad, but in fact it’s just the graphical style and isometric view that it shares with that.

What it actually is, is something closer to old Game and Watch titles like Mario’s Cement Factory, crossed with Lemmings, only in multiplayer and 3D. You have to activate or move blocks, conveyor belts, lifts and springs in order to get as many of your four Melbits creatures to the exit, making sure they don’t fall off the world or get killed by the wandering baddies.

We played in three player mode, so on each level each of us was responsible for a number of these objects, making co-operation something of a task. It felt a bit like Overcooked, only with more important timing.

It’s pretty short, at just three worlds with nine levels in each, but it was fun while it lastest. And yeah, it was a dollar.

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