Family Tree (Switch): COMPLETED!

Family Tree (Switch): COMPLETED!

Family tree is a gentle, not very taxing, combination of something like Puzzle Bobble and a pinball game. You “fire” your fruitguy up a tree, collecting more fruit, and head for the goal. If you’re not quick enough, a skull comes after you.

The difficultly is in getting high scores. Grabbing every last fruit, and all of the coins on the levels, without bumping into baddies or taking too long, is tricky. Often, the goal is really easy to reach but you have to go past it to collect everything, then come back. I’ll admit, I didn’t manage very high scores.

But I did complete all the levels, and I did very much enjoy playing through it. It’s a rare thing of being both an arcade game but being quite relaxing and not stressful. And there are so many colours.

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