Flowlines VS (Switch): COMPLETED!

Flowlines VS (Switch): COMPLETED!

I go into this game a lot more on episode 36 of the ugvm podcast, but briefly, Flowlines VS is a game where you join paired hexagonal tiles in a grid up with one another without letting the lines cross. I’ve probably not explained that very well but one look at a screenshot should clear it up:

Lines can only cross when they do so on special tiles.

There are over 400 levels, and for the most part they’re very easy. A couple caused me to try a few times, but as I explained in the podcast, the two main things that cause difficulty are the similarity of some of the colours, and the slightly erratic controls.

One level has a much, much too short time limit too, and the only way I could complete that was with an iPad stylus!

But, it was free and kept me quiet for several hours, so I can’t complain too much.

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