Stories Untold (Switch): COMPLETED!

Stories Untold (Switch): COMPLETED!

Can I just say, that it’s simply unacceptable for games to not have save points – even if only a suspend-and-resume type – in this day and age? There are four chapters in Stories Untold and you’re not able to save during them, meaning 45 minutes to an hour might pass. Sure, on the Switch you can put the console to sleep, but that means you (or anyone else) can’t play another game in the meantime, and with Animal Crossing being A Big Thing right now it’s very important. I had to play much of the first and final chapters twice!

That said, Stories Untold is still a pretty good game. Each of the chapters plays differently, with the first being a text adventure (played on a Spectrum +2-alike), the second involves performing tests on what appears to be an alien, and the third is about decoding messages sent to a remote monitoring station. I won’t spoil it, but you soon realise that all three are linked in some way, and chapter 4 explains how.

Each chapter has some nice mechanics, and the stories are interesting enough, but I really struggled with the size of the text on the screen. I’ve a normal Switch and was playing handheld, but some of the screen displays have very, very small writing and are made harder to see due to CRT effects applied – slight fuzziness and flickering. There’s a button you can press to zoom in a bit, but you can’t interact at the same time so there was a lot of zooming in and out which was a pain. Perhaps on the TV it may have been less of an issue.

But, especially considering how cheap this was recently, I can recommend Stories Untold so long as you can manage with the small text and lack of save features!

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