Ichidant-R (Switch): COMPLETED!

Ichidant-R (Switch): COMPLETED!

I had a copy of 2do Arukotoha Sand-R on the Sega Saturn many years ago. It was, pretty much, the same sort of game as WarioWare or Bishi Bashi although I played it before I’d even heard of them. Being all in Japanese, the mini-games that needed instructions were somewhat more difficult than they’d normally be, and I remember one, where you had to choose a fish, being completely baffling. I never managed it.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when years later I discovered that game was one of a series of games – one of which is this: Ichidant-R. It recently came to the Switch as one of the Sega Ages line and so of course I bought it.

And yes, it’s very much like the Saturn game. I even recognise a few of the games, although I suspect they’re similar rather than the same. There is a fish one, but it isn’t like the one I could never do, and all the instructions are in English anyway.

I played through the whole thing in one sitting, which was admittedly only an hour or two, but then it’s an arcade game so I wasn’t expecting Skyrim or anything. It’s fun, but could do with a few more games as the same ones come round – albeit harder – a bit too often. But, it is gloriously wacky and surreal and brings back fond memories of the impossible Saturn follow-up, so I did very much enjoy it.

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