Macbat 64 (Switch): COMPLETED!

Macbat 64 (Switch): COMPLETED!

This was sold to me as a Mario 64-like game and you can tell from the screenshots it definitely seems to be aiming for that. Since it was about a pound, I bought it and… it isn’t like Mario 64 in any real way aside from the graphics.

In fact, even in that respect it looks (and sounds) much more like Banjo-Kazooie as there’s a more than a bit of Rare DNA in the characters and music. But still, it doesn’t play much like those.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Yoshi’s Story

For a start, you can’t attack. And you have no moves aside from jump, and jump more (as in, limited flight). What you do have, though, is some fetching, exploring, and puzzle solving. Each level is tiny but well formed, and it’s all jolly and certainly feels like an N64 game should (in a good way!), and there are a number of secrets to find and a whole bonus game – which is even more like a Rare title – to unlock.

You can’t complain for the generous price, just don’t expect the depth of similar looking original N64 games!

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