Lonely Mountains: Downhill (Switch): COMPLETED!

Lonely Mountains: Downhill (Switch): COMPLETED!

After being exposed to many people saying how much fun and how relaxing this game was, it isn’t a surprise that I bought it for the Switch. Also, all those people were right.

You’re given a mountain, and a route to the bottom filled with twists, turns, jumps and cliff edges, and have to ride to the finish as quickly as you can with as few crashes as possible. There are many shortcuts, some of which are obvious, some are off the beaten track, and in some cases – once you’ve unlocked a suitable bike – are hairy trips down sheer drops or leaps into the unknown.

What’s clever about the progression is you generally unlock new routes (and mountains, and bike parts) by either a low-crash run, or a fast run. You can of course try both together, but if you’re not good enough you can concentrate on one or the other. Crashes don’t cause time penalties (and many times I crashed on purpose to redo a run – there’s even a “crash” button) either.

I’ve unlocked and beaten all of the routes on at least Medium (or whatever the middle difficulty is) and unlocked what I consider the best bike – Geronimo. It’s slow, the acceleration is pants, but you can drop miles off cliffs and cut loads of time off that way, so it’s well worth it!

Overall, it is indeed a fun, relaxing and untaxing arcady title.

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