198X (Switch): COMPLETED!

198X (Switch): COMPLETED!

198X is a narrative discovery game played out over a series of 1980s style arcade games. There’s a story about a girl who is bored of her suburbian life, who discovers an arcade, with the games there played as both actual games and allegories.

Each is pretty short, but they’re great “versions” of Out Run, Final Fight, a shooter like Gradius or R-Type, and an auto-runner Shinobi style platformer. There’s also a Phantasy Star-like 3D RPG game at the end.

I can’t Believe it’s Not Out Run

I love the pixel art in the game, and although it was neither long, nor deep, nor taxing, I enjoyed it. I’m amazed each of the games in the game haven’t been fleshed out with more levels as stand-alone titles, though!

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