Haven Park (Switch): COMPLETED!

Haven Park (Switch): COMPLETED!

Haven Park is a twee little game (and I mean that in a good way) about a bird who takes over the running of a set of run down campsites out in the countryside. It’s very similar in feel to A Short Hike, but with more interaction and a different emphasis.

It involves collecting resources, like wood, to build appealing camping areas, which are then populated with visitors. Some of these have additional requests, and there are a few areas that are blocked off until you’ve made certain people happy. It’s pretty, and quaint, and cosy, with a play at your own pace progression. A few of the “clues” to “solving” problems are a bit obscure, and navigating around can be a little frustrating with the camera angle and narrow cliff ledges combining to cause long detours when you inevitably drop off, but they’re minor setbacks.

Short, friendly and fun.

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