Anarcute (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Anarcute (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Another random game from my previously inaccessible PC game library, liberated thanks to the Steam Deck! And I’m glad I took a punt on this one, because even though I had no idea what it was like (I was sold purely on the aesthetic) it turns out it’s wonderful.

Imagine a cross between Cannon Fodder and Pikmin, where all your little people are various animals that want to Smash The System. The more you enlist, the more powerful the group is, so they can take down the police more easily, run faster, or even topple buildings. You can pick up street furniture to lob at cops, have to find batteries to open doors, and even run round with massive lasers dealing fat damage. Plus bosses! And very catchy music.

There are a number of types of level, from the main “collect people and take down cops and towers” to “sneak about in the dark” to “as just one animal, get to the goal without dying”. Simple puzzles – usually involving deciding which order to tackle obstacles – also mix up the gameplay a bit, and there are loads of types of baddie (with different weapons and weaknesses) to dispatch.

It’s cute, has a similar vibe and look as The Wonderful 101, and is varied and very much worth playing.

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