The Norwood Suite (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

The Norwood Suite (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Another PC-locked, Steam Deck-freed game! Who knows, one day my huge Steam backlog may finally be dented. (Narrator: it never was)

The Norwood Suite is one of a series of first person narrative discovery games set in the same universe. I don’t know the order they’re in (if indeed they are), but I think this is the first one? It doesn’t really matter though, as it’s utterly mental so even if I did get some references, the rest is nuts anyway.

It’s set in a hotel, and filled with staff and residents who are all a bit unusual. Many need you to perform simple tasks (make a sandwich, fetch drinks from a car) but the bulk of the game is uncovering the story through exploring the hotel and, ultimately, gaining access to The Norwood Suite.

It’s difficult to describe the story past “Norwood was a musician who owned the hotel and the hotel is a mecca for musicians” without spoiling anything, so I won’t. But, it was bafflingly enjoyable, janky, confusing and silly in various quantities.

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