Blaster Master Zero 3 (Switch): COMPLETED!

Blaster Master Zero 3 (Switch): COMPLETED!

The end of the trilogy! Jason finds himself in jail and Eve, his support droid Metal Attacker co-pilot slash creepy love interest is now queen of the mutants and poses a threat to the safety of the universe or something. It sort of makes sense if you concentrate really hard on the in-game dialogue but actually it just means more jumpy-tank fun across two separate dimensions.

It’s back to being mostly set in the one “world”, unlike the galaxy hopping adventure of the second game, but it still has a lot of variety, And, a number of returning bosses, which seems a little lazy but it’s fine really. You get some new powers, access to several types of on-foot weaponry from the beginning, and the “other” dimension is an eye bleedingly pink assault, but the core gameplay remains unchanged. Which is great because the core gameplay is the best.

There’s supposedly a “bad” ending, which I didn’t get as I somehow figured out the way to trigger the good ending (unlike the last game, you don’t have to Collect All The Things – just press the right button combo at the right time), which (spoiler) resulted in Jason and Eve being reunited, somehow having babies, and those babies being sent to Earth to be looked after by one of Jason’s ex-enemies.

Or something. Frankly, it’s utter nonsense. But doesn’t matter in the slightest.

It’s a bit of a shame I’ve finished the series now, as it means there’s no more to come. Unless they start a new trilogy of course!

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