The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe (Switch): COMPLETED!

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe (Switch): COMPLETED!

The Stanley Parable is actually one of very few PC games I’ve completed. Certainly before I got my Steam Deck, anyway. It was funny, silly, and I enjoyed it very much. The “don’t play for five years” achievement was also a bit of a struggle because I did want to play it again in that time, but had to wait. I did though, then played it some more. But!

Then! This happened!

Poor Stanley.

Ultra Deluxe is, on the outside, the same original game with some more content. Actually, it’s not just more content. It’s new areas, new stories, and a load of meta stuff about the narrator creating The Stanley Parable 2 (and 3, and 4) as well as some looking back at the reception the original game had in the press. It’s all very 4th wall breaking. And funny. And silly.

Jump, jump!

All the original stuff seems to be still there, but the new things cleverly intertwine. For example, the narrator decides that Stanley would be happier and feel safer if he had a bucket to carry round with him, so one is available to pick up and doing so changes the “normal” outcome of the path you take. Even if in a minor way, such as the classic Broom Closest interaction, where the bucket unlocks more dialogue.

Ma bucket

With a lot more to explore and new interactions to discover, it took me quite a bit longer to finish this time despite already knowing how to reach most of the original endings. And by “complete”, I mean, I reached what I think is every possible ending, as well as collect all the new Stanley figurines (Stanfigs? Figurleys?) which, as is pointed out repeatedly, serve no real purpose but are a purpose unto themselves.

It’s all stupid stuff and it’s great.

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