Fallout: New Vegas (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Fallout: New Vegas (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

How kind of Amazon to give this away for free just after I’d played Fallout 3 which was also given away for free!

Like with Fallout 3, I wanted to play this as A Bad Man, but actually, I didn’t. Well, not entirely. You see, I wasn’t really a big fan of all the factions in New Vegas, not least because none of them were truly “good”: The NCR wanted control and land, Caesar’s Legion wanted slaves and loved to murder, Mr House was such an Elon even though he should have died decades ago, and the Great Kahns were happy to cosy up with the Legion and provide drugs to even worse people. The Brotherhood of Steel, ostensibly the “good guys” in Fallout 3 (or as near as possible) didn’t see an issue with melting anyone who had any technology and acted more like the Enclave than the righteous folk they were in Washington. Even the smaller groups, like the Boomers and the Nightkin had “social issues”.

I decided early that the “least worst” of the Big Three was probably the NCR, so happily tore my way through all the Legion on my quest to find Benny and the Platinum Chip. By the time the NCR told me I had to “deal with” the Brotherhood, I couldn’t be bothered sorting out their problems so killed them all at the first opportunity then blew up their bunker.

OK, so maybe I was a little bad.

Whatever. I enjoyed playing through this again, and completed a big raft of optional missions and stuff, although I didn’t do any of the DLC. At least, I haven’t done it yet – there’s a good chance I might.

Oh, and as this wasn’t an Epic store game, I didn’t have crashes like I did with Fallout 3! Well, I had one or two, but I was getting that many each hour previously. Stupid Epic.

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