Later Alligator (Switch): COMPLETED!

Later Alligator (Switch): COMPLETED!

Alligator New York, the setting for this game, is like Real New York only everyone is an alligator instead of a human being. If I were an alligator, I’d probably struggle to wear human clothes, drive human cars, and use human tools, but apparently instead of alligator things, human things work just fine. And alligators can have moustaches and hair? Of course.

As a mysterious alligator, decked out in a 1920s Speakeasy-going suit, you’re convinced by paranoid young alligator Pat to discover What is Going Down later on. He’s pretty sure The Family are going to Take Care Of Him, so the game is for you to talk to all the alligators, most of which appear to be related to Pat, and figure out what really is happening that evening.

It’s bloody obvious about five seconds into the game, but still. It’s about the journey!

Interacting with many of the quirky relatives triggers a mini-game of some sort, which, if completed, makes them reveal some more about what The Event is. These games are generally standard mini-game faire – a slide puzzle, Towers of Pancakes/Hanoi, a UFO catcher, matching pairs, etc. but they’re nicely presented and some have unusual rules. The pancakes, for example, are on a toy train’s carriages, which drives around a track while you try and move them.

It’s not a tricky, or especially long game, but it is very funny and you really want to talk to all the bizarre characters as you play. There’s a great art and animation style, and the music is excellent – especially the alligator who plays the guitar (although the music is actually brass!). There’s also scope to replay, as time passes in the game and you don’t get a chance to visit everyone or everywhere.

A silly little game, but well worth playing if you like point and click adventures, silly little games, or alligators.

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