Lil Gator Game (Switch): COMPLETED!

Lil Gator Game (Switch): COMPLETED!

Imagine a game where a little alligator plays at being Link with his big sister. Only she’s grown up and busy with college and so doesn’t want to play any more. So Lil Gator’s (ever increasing group of) friends decide to help them by turning an island into a make-believe World of Zelda complete with plywood baddies and quests and powerups and a glider.

Lil Gator wants to make the game the most awesome game because they think it’ll coax Big Sis out of her studying, and you, as the actual player, wants to play the game Gator and friends are playing because it’s a sweet little kids-roleplay-as-video-game-characters game.

There are references to Zelda game-like tropes such as pointless fetch quests, lots of fun characters to befriend and do quests for, and a load of areas to explore – especially if you’re going for “killing” all the baddies and helping all the friends. And you can glide and slide and climb like Link does in Breath of the Wild.

It’s short, there’s no peril, but Lil Gator Game is really cute and funny and really feels like the sort of make-believe world kids would play in.

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