Vostok Inc (Switch): COMPLETED!

Vostok Inc (Switch): COMPLETED!

Apparently, it was more than FIVE YEARS AGO that I last played and completed this. That’s not possible. The Switch itself is only 18 months old, right?

Well, Toby off of the ugvm Podcast mentioned he’d started playing it recently, and that reminded me what a great game it was, and so here we are.

I won’t go into all the details of the game itself because I did that last time. What I will say, however, is that on this playthrough I struggled to get started. You see, there’s no main menu on the start screen, so you just go straight into your last save. Which was from five years ago, on level 51, with the game completed. It took a while to find the setting to New Game+ it (which only carries over your achievements) – they’re in the options if you’ve arrived here via Google struggling to find it yourself – but then I was away.

This time, I didn’t finish it until I was well into the 70s in terms of level. And had more money than it seemed practical to spend. Not sure how that happened.

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