Nebulus (Evercade): COMPLETED!

Nebulus (Evercade): COMPLETED!

It’s not often I play the C64 version of a game I liked on the Spectrum (and in this case, the Game Boy too) and think, you know, this is actually better. But it is. The animation of your main frog/gonk guy especially is really nice, and the vertical scrolling is less jerky. it’s great.

And hard. Very hard. Previously, I don’t think I’d ever even passed level 2, so I’d not experienced how much of a mind-stewing maze the later levels are. It looks like a platformer, but actually, it’s a maze game in 3D with things to shoot to trigger lifts and stuff. It’s then you realise that the time limit is the thing most likely to kill you too.

The screenshot, by the way, is from the Evercade site because, again, there’s no screenshot function on the Evercade. Tch.


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