Advance Wars 1 Re-Boot Camp (Switch): COMPLETED!

Advance Wars 1 Re-Boot Camp (Switch): COMPLETED!

After much publicised delays thanks to An Actual War, Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp finally came out. Only it was not long before Tears of the Kingdom so although I got it, Zelda was The Thing as so it was put to one side until that was completed because who can be doing with swapping game cards? Not me.

It was with a little trepidation that I went into it. I’d heard horror stories about how terrible the performance of the game was, with slowdown and stuttering and shonky framerates. I couldn’t understand how a slow-paced, low impact, Game Boy Advance game update could possibly have such things but still, I hoped they wouldn’t affect the gameplay. And you know what? They didn’t! Because they don’t exist.

Let me be clearer: they don’t exist for me. I played completely docked, so perhaps this is a handheld issue. Or as I have an OLED Switch, maybe there’s a slight difference there. Certainly though, the game hasn’t been patched in any way since the original release, so nothing has been fixed – it just wasn’t broken.

With that concern out of the way, it was into the game as it gloriously ever was, only with nicer graphics, some speech, cutscenes and a skippable tutorial which seems to play out even if you skip it. The levels, units and gameplay are all just the same as they were 20-odd years ago, which is perfect. It feels the same as before, but new at the same time. A perfect update then, perhaps?

And with it completed (the last level was hard!), it’s on to Advance Wars 2!

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