Fishy 3D (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Fishy 3D (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

I bought a bundle of cute looking games on Steam from a group called Sokpop. They seem to have hundreds on there, but the “Chill Adventure” bundle looked right up my street. Turns out it was. It’s here if you want it too.

After a brief go of some of them, once my daughter graciously allowed me to have my Steam Deck back once she’d played them, I settled on Fishy 3D. You’re a fish who has to grow bigger, by eating plants and fish smaller than you, and sometimes smaller, by swimming through some goo. You can be eaten by bigger fish, and you need to be the right size in order to fit through gratings and pipes and large enough to pull ropes and stuff.

It’s very much in the same mould as Katamari Damacy or Donut County or a million “eat bigger to get bigger” fish games, but with some actual stuff to do. Like most in this collection of games it’s a simple idea with a short game but done really well.

There’s also a Fishy game which isn’t 3D, which I probably should have played first.

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