Pear Quest (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Pear Quest (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

If you look at the screenshot, you’ll see that everything is very small. This is not, as I discovered having spent a long time trying to change it, a bug, a zoomed out setting, or a screen resolution issue. It is, in fact, intentional. The entire “map” is visible for the duration of the game, and everything is supposed to be tiny. And, on a Steam Deck, almost impossible to discern what is going on.

But I managed it. It’s a sort of direct-control point-and-click adventure game, in that you move your little… group of pixels around the island and interact with… other groups of pixels. You pick stuff up. You solve puzzles. You do a bit of light platforming. Eventually you get the keys to open the path to the pear and “win”.

By far the hardest part of the game is just being able to see the stuff on the screen. I get Sokpop’s style choice and I expect on a 24″ monitor this would be fine, but oh boy was it eye-hurtingly tricky. Don’t let it put you off though – if you’ve the screen for it, it’s great!

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