FAR: Lone Sails (Switch): COMPLETED!

FAR: Lone Sails (Switch): COMPLETED!

In a post-apocalypse world, the seas have dried up and you, the only living creature in the entire game, have a land-boat thing with big wheels which you have to take from the left side of the world to the right side of the world. You have an engine you need to keep fuelled, you get a sail you can raise when there’s wind, things break and catch fire and you have to fix them, and often there are places you can’t get past (presumably because the game is 2D and there’s no steering wheel) so you have to hop out your land-boat and explore some abandoned structure to open a door or power a lift or something to progress.

The problem is, everything is too small. I don’t mean just on the Switch handheld, as I played this on a 50 inch TV; Everything you need to actually see (like the stuff you pick up or things you interact with) is minute and you can’t make out what most of it as and so you have no idea what anything is for. Turns out, almost everything you pick up is just fuel or ornamental or both, so my hoarding of All The Things was pointless and it didn’t matter that I couldn’t see anything anyway. Just burn it all. Apart from the red things (that are more red than the other red things) as they make your engine go on fire.

Eventually you get to the far right of the world, and the game ends and that’s it. No win, no prize, no happy ending, you just get there and your ship has fallen to bits and you light a lamp and that’s the end. A real disappointment, and it doesn’t feel like the game was supposed to be teaching you a lesson that there would be one or anything like that, and after a bit of research I’m pretty confident I haven’t stumbled into a “bad” ending – that’s just how it ends.

I did enjoy it, mainly because it looks lovely and the world is great, but I don’t really understand either 1) what was the point of it all, and 2) why it was so lauded in the press. Also, what does FAR stand for?

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