2007: A Year in Gaming – Part 3

2007: A Year in Gaming – Part 3


The beginning of The Big Game Crunch of 2007.  Basically, every game in the world arrived in the post and I had to play them all. Most played in September (once RE4 was out of the way) was probably Super Paper Mario.  A fantastic game, by all accounts, and coupled with RE4, Mercury Meltdown Revolution and MySims proved that the Wii certainly was a fantastic console. Sonic the Hedgehog made himself known this month too, with Sonic 2 on XBLA and Sonic 3 on the Wii VC.


And so the crunch continued, with the DS getting most of my time in October. Phoenix Wright 3 and Sonic Rush Adventure (which didn’t turn out to be as disappointing as I first thought) filling up my gaming diary with lots of entries, and Bioshock on the 360 (a fantastic title) MySims on the Wii and Mario’s Super Picross on the Virtual Console taking the rest. An honourable mention should go out to Yaris, a free “game” on XBLA this month.¬¨‚Ć It’s an advert for the car of the same name, and manages to be one of the worst games ever made. Amazing!


A strange month for me, gaming wise. Once Phoenix Wright 3 was out of the way, I turned to my PS2 (despite the billion or so other games waiting to be played) and Ico. Many people put Ico up on a pedestal, and although I could kind of see why, it didn’t do it for me in that way. There was an abortive attempt at the “sequel”, Shadow of the Colossus too, which I gave up on because something amazing happened: Super Mario Galaxy! Game of not only the year, but of the last two decades by a long way. Not only that, but the also fantastic Portal made it’s way into my 360, and even Team Fortress 2 surprised me with aceness. More strangeness in October came in the form of Halo 3, which I played online quite a lot, and found myself actually enjoying it. Quite a revelation, hating Halo games as I do.


As the year drew to a close, the games did not. I’ve never known a year to have so many amazing games to play, and so it’s no surprise that piles of them are still unplayed. The first half of the month was taken up by more Mario Galaxy, collecting not only all the stars, but then starting the game again to do it for a second time. Team Fortress 2 got a lot of play too, and Endless Ocean on the Wii and Guitar Hero III for the 360 added incidental variety. Just before Christmas, Peggle appeared on the iPod, and became my first completed iPod title (and very good it was too), and then I made a start on Half-Life 2, completing it just before the end of the year. I made a start on Psychonauts (original Xbox) too, a game I’ve wanted for ages, and got for Christmas. It’s lovely so far!

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