Answering unasked questions #1

Some questions I’ve not been asked, but I think are on your lips anyway. I’ve been looking at the search terms people have been using to find my blog, and the same things are cropping up most days.

Q: Hey deKay – what’s this “destroy my gems” thing all about?

A: I have no idea. Well, I have some idea. You’re talking about this, right?

Destroy My Gems

Well, there was some discussion about the Amiga puzzle game “Gem-X” (specifically, its crap box-art) over on rllmuk. And it sprang up from there.

Q: What’s this fascination with 80s kids TV “hero”, Gary Wilmott?

A: There’s no fascination. I just mentioned him on this blog once. Now I’m a top hit for him on Google.

Q: You must be well ace at “Eye Of Judgement” on the PS3, right?

A: No. I’ve never played it. I put a video on here a while ago, from Sony, showing how you can play it. For some reason, I now get visits every day from people searching “how to play Eye of Judgement” and other similar things.

I don’t even have a PS3!

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