Eternal Sonata crash horror – and fix!

So I’ve been playing the 360 game Eternal Sonata a lot recently, and now, 17 hours in, I’ve been getting a lot of crashing and freezing. In fact, I can replicate the following every single time:

It seems to do it as it’s loading something new in, like a baddie, or a list of items, or some dialogue.Thankfully, I found what appears to be a fix. Like many Xbox 360 games, the problem lies in the data the game caches on the hard drive, and it becoming corrupt. Stupidly, the game doesn’t realise this, wipe the cache, and try again, instead preferring to crash and die.

Some games have a magic button combination to clear this cache manually, but it took me ages to find what it is. It seems that you have to hold the LB and RB buttons from the game first starting to when the Bandai Namco screen is displayed. It’ll appear to freeze for a bit (I assume it’s spending this time deleting the cache) but from then on will be fine. Hurrah! I hope…

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