Must resist

Must resist

I gave up on playing computer games a long time ago. Games, yes – I play them (I expect you’ve noticed), but computer games? Don’t touch them. With my recent Mac conversion, the chances of playing computer games is now even lower.

Except for just one thing.

I was looking for some game demos to test the 3D graphics capability of my new iMac. Someone suggested Civilization IV, which actually turned out to be quite old and not really as graphically impressive as I’d hoped for. It ran fine, even on maximum settings, but I just don’t think the game has the ability to look better than a 5-year-old title.

Thing is, I was going to just have a quick go. Just to look. And see. And test.

And then I’d spent 45 minutes on it and used all of my 100 “trial” turns. And I wanted to carry on. Gnngh!¬¨‚Ć I’ve never really fully understood Civilization, but I’ve been hooked on Civ, Civ 2, Alpha Centuri and FreeCiv many times before. So, must resist.

Here’s a picture I took, but I don’t remember why:

Civ 4

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